Thursday, 27 April 2017

Letter to Louth Leader ( unpublished in this weeks Louth Leader as no letter page )

Photos above : bluebells appear in 2 different areas on the land, kingfisher watercolour inspired by the Kingfisher that lives along the canal and the Louth Town Lock during the 2007 flood.
Controversial Canal Side Planning Application

I am writing regarding the planning application of 9 houses to be built close to Louth Town Lock and alongside the canal. This land should instead be viewed as a valuable asset to the Lincolnshire tourist industry, in light of talks about creating both a cycle path to Tetney and of bringing the canal back to being a working canal. The figure of £ 20 million is being considered by the East Lindsey District Council to bring the canal back to its former glory according to social media sources.

The Louth Town Council strongly objects to the planning application on various grounds mentioning that the development 'could pose a risk to this boost of the local economy through tourism' as well as concerns over flooding and the destruction of wildlife habitat. There are calls for a bat survey to be carried out. 

The plot of land in question could become a real asset to Louth and its economy by remaining a green corridor for the canal wildlife. Louth is already bursting at the outskirts with huge housing developments in every direction, so why the need to spoil such a small plot of beauty and wildlife diversity ? According to my sources, Louth has already filled its quota for new housing.

I do however agree with some of the locals that the land could do with being tidied up but I envision it as a Spout Yard inspired park and seating area for both locals and tourists with perhaps an ice cream hut. I hope the price to pay for tidying this area up won't be the 9 houses, a new road, around 14 car drives and a metal safety barrier around the Lock which will be essential for a housing development being built so close to it. 

A decision will be made on the 25th April. To object to this development please visit the council website for details. Thank you.

Jane Air, poet and wildlife campaigner
ps, will update shortly on this story. I will be posting my objections letter with photographic evidence of bluebells and ransoms onto the East Lindsey District Council planning area of their website. Still trying to locate my photo of the River Lud uncovered a few years ago which exists underneath the land.

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