Wednesday, 20 September 2017

In today's Louth Leader page 2 ; Louth canal ; East Lindsey District Council planning

In today's Louth Leader. My neighbours and myself are calling for an emergency wildlife survey. Not sure that I like Lincolnshire anymore.
In the same paper the East Lindsey District Council have the money to buy the Louth Navigation Trust listed building.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Speaker Jane Air at Tedder Hall yesterday, Tedder Hall Manby appeared on BBC Look North

I was a speaker at Tedder Hall yesterday opposing the development of 9 houses along Louth canal.
8 out of 9 district councillors voted for the development.
I now believe that my photographic evidence of local wildlife and my speech counted for nothing.
I will find out from Mr Andy Booth ( who was definately for the development ) when and what surveys are due in the near future.
I will be reporting on this development as it doesn't just affect local residents like myself but anyone who comes to Louth canal for a walk or to get close to nature.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Louth NHS uprising march through Louth, Lincolnshire - SAVE THE NHS

Above, satirical cartoon motivated by the Louth NHS uprising march that I went on on Saturday and the speeches afterwards. This cartoon will be published in the FightingForLouth scrapbook.
One more cartoon to do.
More of my photos of the Louth NHS uprising are posted at
and on Move Louth Forward on facebook

Slideshow link of the North Thoresby 1940s sunday event 2017

My photos appear in this slideshow of the North Thoresby 1940s sunday event