Thursday, 19 April 2018

Speaking to Victoria Atkins, MP about the Louth canal development and destruction of trees and habitat

9.57 19 april. Just screamed at the tree surgeon 'there's a hedgehog in there' - had to scream to be heard above the chainsaw . I heard a hedgehog go through my garden onto the development land one night ago. I also heard an owl very clearly last night but no owl boxes are at yet being provided. 

I am furious with Theresa May and East Lindsey District Council planners and planning team. The district councillors who voted for the development never even visited the land. They were told to vote in favour of the land to avoid incurring legal costs later along the way. This bit was not recorded as a finger went on the button - I saw this and have witnesses.

They are full at it today, cutting down every tree. Am speaking to Victoria Atkins via emails.

30 April The clearance of the land of trees and shrubs and greenery is nearly over. There are alot more birds in my garden these days as they are being compressed into a smaller area. Today I saw a mistle thrush and a magpie in my garden. In the long term, there will be fewer birds around me despite the fact that I feed them every day - it is vital to do this in times of such distress, ie losing their homes and I don't just mean their nest, I MEAN THEIR TREES. 
Felt so sorry for the local pheasant - it lived on the development site and now stood at the border looking at the muddy swamp devoid of trees. It even came as far as my garden path. 
A hedgehog has also been filmed by somebody else on the land. I dread to think of its fate. Nothing else to report, don't feel like being online much these days. Have been badly let down by Theresa May and the East Lindsey District Council planning department. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

My hedgehog cartoon is being used by another campaign to save trees

My latest cartoon, 'The Local Hedgehog', which expresses how I feel about a local development - land being cleared right this minute and can hear it from inside my home office, has now been used in a campaign to stop trees being felled next to the Questlett Nature Reserve in Birmingham to make way for yet another Aldi superstore. My cartoon fronted the twitter pages of both 'FoQuestlettTrees' and 'Team4Nature' leading to the Birmingham City Council website which currently has a signature count of 1256. This petition has been signed by Caroline Lucas of the Green Party, Chris Packham and George Monbiot and many other wildlife campaigners.
I am still trying to save trees on my doorstep. The chainsaw is having a rest today. It is the early nesting period for birds and they should not be disturbed. There are so many birds !!

Monday, 9 April 2018

Louth canal wildlife cartoons in the campaign to save wildlife habitat

Am still fighting against the development of 9 houses, 21 car drives and a new road which will devastate the wildlife habitat in the area along Louth canal.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Louth canal corridor wildlife, wildlife habitat about to be destroyed...

8th April heard 2 men taking down an old greenhouse in my neighbour's garden.
Sending photos of this 'paradise for birds' to East Lindsey District coucil to see if they will reconsider their decision. I have fought this case behind the scenes and online and am still fighting it.
I feel sorry for the wildlife.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Am asking East District Lindsey Council planning to reconsider their approval for a development close to Louth Town Lock

Photos taken by myself on 2nd April 2018. There were amber flood alerts for this area. I am asking the East Lindsey District Council to reconsider their approval for 9 houses, 21 car drives and a new road close to Louth Town Lock in view of this recent flooding.

Wildlife bookmarks prove popular in Oxfam, Louth this Easter weekend

Free wildlife bookmarks have proved popular from the Oxfam shop in Louth this Easter weekend. Look out for this free offer again !

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Justice for wildlife that is in danger from development approved by East Lindsey District Council Planning

No bat survey was carried out as promised. 
New TOADS poster coming soon.
I am dreading the clearance of this wilderness scrubland and mature english trees including oak and holly and birch. It is the sound of birdsong on my doorstep that keeps me sane.