Sunday, 25 December 2016

My visit to Victoria Beckham Dover Street shop written on Christmas Day 2016

My visit to Victoria Beckham Dover Street shop by Jane Air written on Christmas Day ( my only day off )
It was a cold rainy grey October day and I had an hour to kill before collecting my boyfriend from work on the next parallel street to Dover street somewhere overlooking the back end of Victoria Beckham's flagship store. 
Dover street has a calm and quiet feel to it compared to the bustling thoroughfare of Mayfair's main road despite being an offshoot from it.
I needed to get out of the heavy rain and when I arrived at Victoria Beckham's shop the door didn't open. Then the doorman / security guard spotted me and stepped onto a button on the floor. The huge looming grey door sprung open to the side and I jumped into the shop before the door sprung back again in 'panic room' style.
The shop itself is cavernous and airy. I was the only customer in the shop. The staff were friendly and attentive towards me. I asked to see if there were any ostrich, alligator or crocodile bags on sale as I could only see python skinned bags on display.
I was told that 'exotic skins and furs' were not all out on display because of trouble with Peta. The staff informed me that Peta were an animal rights organization.
I saunted upstairs on my own, past the only piece of furniture in the shop that is similar in shape to a coffin, had a look around the spaciousness that was in between the rails of clothes that are hanging on what look like giant meat hooks, a rather unusual style statement from Victoria Beckham, came back downstairs, past a huge candle placed on a step delivering smells of deliciousness and rejoined the staff who were now ready to take me seriously and sell me an exotic skin bag.
Anyway, long story cut short, there is a black ostrich skin bag called 'Victoria' for sale for around £ 9, 000, an black alligator bucket style bag for around £8, 000 and a crocodile hexagonal bag on a chain for around £9, 000. These bags were under the counter or hidden away from the main room.
There was a giant amethyst rock crystal to the back of the shop which could rival the size of crystals that I had seen that morning at the Natural History museum. Amethyst promotes peace and balance and increases psychic abilities and it is a stone that I need to use alot of.
Back outside and the rain was still coming down in bucket loads, nothing changes.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016