Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Queen of Vintage Shop Door Window Publicity

Queen of Vintage in Louth. For the summer shoots I wore quite a few 1970's long maxi dresses with flower power patterns. For my forthcoming autumn shoots I have collected a few second world war style tea dresses. Click on pic to enlarge.

Lincolnshire Wind Farm Viewpoints with Nowag action group

20th Sept 2011 Went on a trip with Melvyn Grovenor from the 'Nowag' action group and 2 local parish councillors to compare what the eye can see with the photographic montages that have been created by a Lincolnshire Wind Farm company at various view points around Lincolnshire to help promote their case for more wind farms to be erected.

We examined 10 viewpoints and found an additional 4 that were worthy of a montage. There were a few view points where 2 and even 3 sets of wind farms were visible to the eye even on a drizzly overcast day. for poem and pics

Friday, 16 September 2011

Alchemy Festival 2011Free Bookmarks Free Soap

The Soap Bar Fairy has been busy making soap and will be handing out free soap bars and free Cyber Memaid Cartoon Flyers at the Alchemy Festival in Lincolnshire this weekend.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Alchemy Festival Sept 2011 - The Green Goddess

Alchemy Festival Sept 16-18 2011
The Green Goddess
will be handing out free Cyber Mermaid bookmarks on site along with the Soap Bar Fairy who will be handing out free soap bars.
More pics at