Wednesday, 11 January 2017

N/105/02391/16 planning application Louth ; Story covered in Louth Leader ; Save our wildlife along Louth canal

Louth canal flooded in 2007
To object to the planning application of 5 large houses close to Louth canal please email
Please quote the planning reference number N/105/02391/16

Update : 18 Jan. I know that on the other plot to the west side of the plot that I have mentioned there is a proposal for 2 houses as I spoke to the agent yesterday. There was even a wildlife expert on hand examining the land.  It would be nice and a good idea if both plots could be bought by the East District Lindsey Council and created into a public park. There are a lack of green spaces in Louth as so many houses are being built everywhere. Where are children to play football ?
Update : Letter received on the 8th Feb stating that the application of 5 dwellings has been withdrawn.