Thursday, 19 November 2015

Louth Leader front page OPPOSITION to 46 new homes on Eastfield Road / Park Row, Louth

Louth Leader front page - residents oppose the development for 46 new homes between Eastfield Road and Park Row.
I went to have a look today at the site proposed for the 46 new homes and it is clear that the entrance to the site is on a very sharp bend coming into town and is somewhat hidden by a canopy of tree branches which makes the road dark even in bright daylight. This is very likely to become an accident black spot. I know this area well and cars often drive into town from the countryside at a speed.
Both the fire station and the police station require clear access in and out of town. This would be greatly affected by builder traffic as well as traffic from new residents. 
 New 1.8 million pound community fire station plus police station next door both require clear access out of Louth
 Sharp bend coming down from a hill into Louth where the proposed entrance to the 46 new homes will be is likely to become an accident black spot.
Arable field proposed for the development is on high ground ( 6 metres above the road ) and therefore any flood issues will impact on existing residents on lower ground and the road

Also, I have witnessed how the drains leading down from the field in question become easily blocked once there is medium to heavy rain. The Louth Leader article mentions underground springs on the site 'which has a downward gradient towards Eastfield Road'.
The canal flooded in 2007 and effected quite a number of homes along it. It is unfair to create future problems for existing residents by concreting the arable field proposed for the development. 
Application N/105/01934/15

Louth canal flooded in 2007. Pics by Lincolnshire Poet, Jane Air.
More pics of the field taken in January 2016.

2 letters in this weeks Louth Leader 7th Jan about the issues of flooding on this land.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Guy Fawkes original art 1903 Exeter college yearbook

Original art taken from a 1903 college yearbook. 
Also, Victoria street haunted 'house of horrors' photos at
including George Osborne hanging in a gibbet !
Photo also in this weeks Louth Leader.