Sunday, 19 September 2010

Dating Fish Diary Cartoon Blog To Be Tweeted

Have decided to create a cartoon blog out of the watercolour visuals that I am currently working on to accompany the dating diary. The cartoon blog visuals will be twittered in installments on a timed schedule one by one. Still waiting for the diary to be processed - am keeping busy - 19 sept. My dating diary progress blog is at
11 Oct A new version of 'The Seaside' will be published in the anthology 'Foward Press Regionals 2010 - The Midlands and The East of England'.
3 Nov Have prepared some basic interview notes, some background notes and some detailed notes on the dating diary. Technical issues are causing the delay - who knows how many variations of a rich text file document there are ! Am number one for 'Dating Diary' in google web search.
4th Nov while my actual dating diary manuscript dates and ages due to technical issues etc, I am busy with all of my plots and plans. My character goes on abit of a journey within the cartoon blog. I am having so much fun with it I might as well forget about the dating diary and just do the cartoon blog !!!