Tuesday, 16 June 2009

'Alice in Wonderland' illustated take on the economy...

The Never Ending Tea Party...
Finally, this one is ready to go !

Background notes :

I redid the jam tarts using a deeper, richer red to make sure that the jam tarts were really really jammy. Hope you will agree with me that they are indeed, really jammy jam tarts.
The title for this poem has changed since I first wrote this poem. I feel that this new title has a more overall relevance and isn't just intended for the tea parties that the senior bankers have been having at the taxpayer's expense, but also our MP's.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Strawberry Fair

I didn't make it to Strawberry Fair this year but here's a link to my Strawberry poem - http://strawberryfair.blogspot.com/

Am the second post in google for 'authorsden.com' - I like this position alot !

Am drinking elderflower tea ( flowers infused in hot water then sieved through muslim ) as a remedy for getting rid of the flu. I haven't as yet picked my own nettles to make nettle tea but I am willing to try it.