Monday, 27 February 2012

Debt and Default cartoon ; The Cyber Mermaid is downgraded...

The Cyber Mermaid is grinning with relief that finally the mounting interest on her bank credit cards has finally come to a halt due to the default. The cheshire cat is grinning insanely at the financial madness of economies being built on foundations of debt. The order of countries that are likely to default on their debt ( on the debt clock ) is conjecture.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Jane Air Vintage photos - new link

Vintage dresses that I have worn online ;
Vintage dresses that have passed through me,
that have since been sold ;
Vintage dresses to future wear
Then sell, who knows ?
Who cares ?
Just share...

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Selling handpicked vintage clothing

Original 1960's mini dress above
My ebay account is at
I will shortly be selling handpicked vintage clothing including some Laura Ashley dresses.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Lincolnshire Windfarms poem in the February issue of Lincolnshire Pride magazine

1 Feb 2012. I haven't as yet seen it for myself as there are no copies of Lincolnshire Pride magazine in my local newsagents but I have been told that my poem is in there. I am still putting my thoughts together on the issue of the rapid expansion of windfarms all over the landscape of Lincolnshire. They get a mention in many of my landscape poems as they are now a feature of the landscape whether we like it or not.

An epoch of giant clocks
expand across the
sea and land

Swallowing nature
in their impatient spin
and rapacious span

A meadow of metal petals
are flowers in the wind
petal propellers spinned

A fleet of alien aircraft
have landed in a field of wheat

The noses of a squadron
of spitfires, all routed
to the ground have
nowhere to go,
their egg-shaped engines
sit in feathery clouds
high up in the sky
rolls of hay below

What do they lay ?
When do they sow ?

I tread lightly
as I return to track
from my windy trail
inside a windfarm gale

While a swarm
of swallows
swiftly swoop and sweep
as if reclaiming
back the sky