Monday, 25 May 2009

Publicity Agent for The Cyber Mermaid - Dating Book Now Out

Publicity Agent for
The Cyber Mermaid !
Publicity Agent for
The Cyber Mermaid !
Publicity Agent for
The Cyber Mermaid !
Publicity Agent for
The Cyber Mermaid !

Jane Air August 2010. Taken by Matt Bunting

Jane Air 2009. Taken by Damian Furlong.
to buy The Cyber Mermaid
Dating book Dating ebook
25 May 2009
Am number one in google for 'publicity agent' and 'global warming ebook'.
Nothing else to report - just more hard work on the table.
31 Jan 2010. Am number one for 'dating diary' in google.
23 May Dating diary visual cover now chosen. Will be available to buy online and at local bookstores.
31 May My up to date LinkIn connection is at
29 Dec Still waiting for my dating diary to be processed by a print on demand company. The cartoon blog is up and running.
13 Jan 2010 The Cyber Mermaid - Jane Air's Dating Diary is finally published by Now on the cyber publicity trail. Wish me luck !

Thursday, 14 May 2009

MP's expenses - Bottle Bar Nine extract

Seeing that the issue of MP's expenses is the hot media topic for today, I have decided to offer an extract from In the past, I have worked at both the Conservative and the Labour party conferences doing bar and catering related work.

...I am put on a makeshift bottle bar
Near the function marquee
But in there
The booze is free
So no-one comes to me

It is a relatively quiet
Opening night
But my next few shifts
Are a different story...

My bottle bar is shifted
To a busy location
In a corridor bend
Between Mountbatten bar
And the library

My takings are low
In the early evening
Come 3 am
When everyone is battling
To get to the main bar
I become an absolute

They still gasp at the jacked up
Prices of my bottled beer
‘And I want a receipt with that please dear!’
Don’t they all !
Someone even wanted my entire till roll...