Monday, 27 February 2017

Louth canal wildlife haven under threat from development, Louth, Lincolnshire

Wildlife on the south bank of Louth canal near to the Town Lock is under threat from development. 
More to follow.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Escape into the Wild with Jimmy Doherty ( from Jimmy and Jamie's feast )

About last night's 'Escape into the Wild' with Jimmy Doherty ( from Food Unwrapped and Jimmy and Jamie Oliver ). I have big problems over the point raised by Jimmy about the lack of stunning pig that was about to be slaughtered for the meal table. Jimmy raised a moral issue over this and expressed this to camera after the slaughter of a pig on the Indonesian Island featured in this programme.
From what I could gather each pig on that island had a name that it responded to, interacted with other pigs, with humans and with the fabulous landscape it was living in, running freely for every day of their lives.
So what is better - penned up pigs in our country that can't move properly but GET stunned at the end of their very short lives, or pigs that have a fabulous life but don't get stunned just before slaughter therefore endure more of the pain that goes with dying ie, about 1-2 minutes of pure pain. Am sure the conditions of Jimmy's own pig farm are very good but to focus on the issue of whether a pig gets stunned before slaughter seemed abit irrelevant on this island. I have seen plenty of footage of slaughter houses in this country and not all animals get adequately stunned. I have also been in pig farms and although the ones I have visited are not awful they still don't represent a good quality of life for a pig.
So what's more important, Jimmy, the life or the death of an animal ???