Friday, 7 October 2016

Tennyson Talk Wolds Words festival

Jane Air outside the Tennyson rectory 
Is this the brook that Tennyson writes about ? 
Jane Air among the yew trees of St Mary's church
Jane Air inside one of the woods near Somersby
I enjoyed the talk on Tennyson given by the Tennyson Research Centre yesterday as part of the Wolds Words festival. I feel inspired to get to know his poetry further. I particularly enjoyed the satiric take on Tennyson's poem, 'Marianna' by Stella Sharpe - 'Marianna in War-Time'.
I will be doing a public reading of my poem, 'The Yellow Bellies of Lincolnshire' as featured in the Wolds Words programme. I would love to create a custom made dress to wear for the occasion but I am not sure that I will get it created in time for the event. If not a yellow dress will do !

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