Monday, 12 July 2010


12 July. Waiting for the diary to be processed. It might need a second revision. Only 3 people have read the diary.
27 July. There has been a slight delay with the publishing of the diary. Should be out in about two weeks. I won't be posting anymore eflyers until the book is in my hands. Have done 3 interviews so far. Writing interview notes is not my favourite form of writing but I shall learn to love it. Am also working on some watercolour visuals to accompany the diary - the visuals worry me more than the text.
6 August. Still waiting for the covers to be processed.
10 August. Covers are now finalized. Had to come up with some chapter titles overnight to create abit of spacing inside the diary. I need to bring the diary up to 48 pages to keep the cost of production down. It was a choice between providing some black and white images or creating chapter titles. I quite like the chapter titles that I have chosen.


  1. 老天爺賦予了強者的能力,就是要他比弱者多擔待..................................................