Thursday, 12 November 2009

Living without 'The Mitchells'

12 Nov 09. It has now been about a month that I have been living without a television. I only had 4 and a half channels to choose from anyway, as my digibox sat in its box, awaiting a decent arial. It isn't just the adverts that constantly brainwash you into buying products, but television itself, telling you, demanding you, to watch more of it. Have now cancelled my tv license and am enjoying the quiet nights. I have enough stress in my life - I certainly don't need the Mitchells in my life right now, nor the Beales, nor the Butchers, or any of them from Corrie. And maybe if I work hard enough, I might actually have a life ! At least my thoughts are starting to feel my own.
16 Nov. Everyone I have spoken to thinks I must be insane to be living without a television. I have never felt more sane in my whole life !!! What's more, I am back inside my own life.

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