Tuesday, 17 February 2009

'Squeezed like a lemon'

'Squeezed like a lemon'
( from my astrological transit guide )
I am becoming a writing machine. I no longer have the luxury of gloomy feelings or self-doubt. The credit crunch has well and truly crunched me and I am now writing for my life. I can't wait to return to writing blossom-smelling poetry - away from all this hell on earth and stuff of nightmares economic poetry.

Mind you, the poem I am currently working on ( meant to be two final poems but due to being 'squeezed like a lemon' by the crunch, it could well be just one ) is proving quite fun to write. Quite a nasty edge to it in fact - a few satirical knife twists - as if the credit crunch has actually gotten inside my head. And IF Lloyds is nationalized, then I have a killer line ready and waiting - to add to the end of the poem.

Jane Air

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